Friday, May 25, 2012

Thing4: Twitter , Storify and RSS feeds

I'm going to ignore Twitter and Storify for the moment and concentrate on RSS feeds as they are something I've been interested in using for a while. I may revisit Twitter at a later date (But don't hold your breath...I don't think myself and Twitter would get on)

So to RSS feeds - They seem like a great way of bringing together updates from frequently visited sites onto one platform . There are a number of library sites I visit frequently so I'll have a check now to see which , if any, offer RSS feeds.

Update: Well that was easy! I signed up for the RSS feed at using Outlook Express,so I'll get updates right to a subfolder within I'm off to find some more feeds..

Update 2: Dissapointingly, neither the National library nor Dublin City Public Libraries have an RSS feed option on their websites, but I have subscribed to the feed on, a website about Irish public libraries and particularly their arcitecture and design.

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